Alysha Kaye creates an interesting concept on what the afterlife is like and how love doesn’t die. A thoroughly enjoyable book that makes you think. Highly recommended.


I love the whole afterlife concept that Alysha Kaye created, because it looks so ‘normal’ and so ‘human’. The Waiting Room is a light, fun reading that comes with great message behind it. I read it like one day. It totally answered my question about true love


Jude and Nina aren’t the perfect couple, but when they fell they fell fast and hard; until an accident cut their time together short. Now Jude can only watch Nina from a window in The Waiting Room as she lives out the rest of her life without him, and he waits for his name to be called for his second chance at life or for the day Nina joins him. 4 Stars!!!


An interesting read that definitely gets you thinking. I love the idea behind the story line and I love how The Waiting Room changes over time to become a more positive experience for those who are waiting for their name to be called. I would have liked a little more information at the end though. However this ending allows for a second book to be written maybe.


Bearing in mind that this is Alysha’s first book, I think she has done really well.  I loved her writing style, and I connected easily with the characters.  I found certain characters as frustrating as I’m sure they were intended to be, eventually warming to them and I was easily being drawn into the love that Jude & Nina felt for each other, always hoping that the choices they were making were the right ones.


I think my final comment is that The Waiting Room built characters that I cared about. I cared about not only Jude and Nina but supporting characters as well. I even cared about the Waiting Room itself and was glad to see how it changed and grew throughout the book. Fantasy lovers, romance lovers, lovers of a thoughtful story – all of these readers will enjoy The Waiting Room. I wish the book success and I hope to read more by Alysha Kaye in the future.


Now, did I enjoy her book? Definitely. It made me think about a lot of things about, again, a lot of things. It’s still giving me a lot of thinking. Have there been anybody who hasn’t ever thought about their after-death? Or, after-life? Hasn’t every faith come from the same question? And then, the author’s handling of this theme is different from traditional, religious ways. But it’s still also about faith. I can’t assure you the book will give you the answer you want, but I sure do it will give you the courage to think about it yourself. I’ve been thinking what I would talk to those “receptionists” myself since I finished reading the book.